We design Transformation!

Corona Update

Due to the corona pandemic, we are currently experiencing a rapid, universal change that is confronting us all with new challenges.

As experts in transformation, we are used to breaking new ground in uncertain terrain and reacting flexibly to the unforeseeable. For more than twenty years we have been developing and designing co-creatively sustainable processes, plans and models for spaces in change.

We have the right tools at hand!

Corona Update

We are currently working intensively on adapting our projects to the changed conditions. On the one hand, we are drawing on our experience with existing instruments and methods. On the other hand, we are primarily adapting analogously designed planning and participation processes using digital tools and developing new tools. One thing is clear: digitalisation is the order of the day, even if it does not provide a blanket solution for everything.

We assess situations on a case-specific basis in order to design the interface between analogue and digital and the transfer from off- to online in a results-oriented, creative and sustainable manner.

We are pioneers on new paths of urban development!

Corona Update

The corona virus is a particle accelerator in future questions of urban development. Well-known debates appear in a new light, trends receive new omens. A different agenda is on the table. We are thinking about the consequences for urban development processes. Quickly returning to the starting position or taking new paths - where is the journey heading?

We are urban pioneers for transformation processes! Anchored in our DNA, we search for new paths and alternative development models at an early stage. Despite all the uncertainty, our answer is: curiosity, daring to try something new and the courage to achieve open results.

Transformation of space is a common task!

Corona Update

Life after Corona will be different than before. We ask ourselves: How does the currently perceptible increase in solidarity and cooperation affect processes of urban development? Will there be a new "normal" in which the negotiation of what we have in common becomes the focus? For us, one thing is certain: it remains important to continue negotiating the transformation in urban spaces with many actors.

As an interdisciplinary team and a collegially managed company, we rely on shared responsibility, eye to eye and a co-creative way of working. In cooperative processes we design the spaces of the future together with our clients, local interest groups and external experts.