Network for creative business/culture, know-how transfer and conversion

The Integrated Spatial-Development Concept (in German, IRE) forms the basis for the bid by the cities and towns of Augsburg, Friedberg, Bobingen and Stadtbergen, as well as Markt Thierhaupten, for funding from the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the period 2014 to 2020. The requested finances are to be used to make empty buildings or wasteland operational so as to provide premises for occupancies that overlap between culture, creative business and know-how transfer. These “lead projects” are to be more than simply “traditional” cultural facilities, conceived instead as hybrid creative locations for the generation of forms of work, collaboration and production based on creativity and knowledge. They have a lighthouse effect on the surrounding areas, making a valuable contribution to the realisation of the ERDF’s goals for neighbourhoods and urban districts and centres.

Parallel to the IRE and the lead project — the “hardware” — is the concept development for the inter-municipal network K3A as the “software”, which is required to further magnify the rich potential of the lead project in terms of positive regional development. The IRE was discussed and coordinated with all the participating municipalities, regional representatives and external experts in three workshops.


Integrated spatial-development concept

commissioned by Stadtplanungsamt
Project partner Polinna Hauck Landscape-Urbanism
Project TEAM Siri Frech, Jörn Gertenbach
TIMELINE 08 - 12/2014

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