BERN 2016

Berne is expanding and changing

The city of Berne has produced a new urban-development concept — the first since 1995. The STEK 2016 creates the necessary framework so that the growth in population and workplaces can be steered, Berne’s neighbourhoods remain desirable to live in, the city extends its green-space aspects, and that mobility progresses further towards being “climate-neutral”. It outlines how and for whom the city of Berne is to be planned and built. It also answers the question where and how Berne will spatially evolve up to 2030 and beyond.

Urban Catalyst provided the Berne authorities with strategic advice in synthesising the STEK 2016 from five previously elaborated component projects. In the process three core scopes of action were defined:

* Berne’s growth is dynamic,

* Berne is greened and interconnected,

* Berne lives in and from its neighbourhoods.

Beyond this, and together with Sophie Jahnke, Urban Catalyst developed and realised a visual concept for the STEK 2016 and for the participatory exhibition. The participatory process runs until late October 2016, after which the final version of the STEK 2016 is tabled to be passed by the City Council of Berne.


WHERE Berne, Suisse
Auftraggeber Stadtplanungsamt Bern
Projectpartner Studio Sophie Jahnke
ProjectTEAM Dr. Cordelia Polinna, Philip Schläger, Christine Bock, Jan Dubsky
TIMELINE 07/2015 - 12/2016


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