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The closure of the 35 hectare paper mill Biberist (CH) in the Swiss Mittelland region presents a big challenge for both the owners and the local community. Due to a lack of demand and fierce competition with numerous other available conversion sites, a near-term re-industrialisation of the mill is unlikely.

As the site developed gradually over a period of 150 years, different zones and types of spaces with a wide range of spatial qualities emerged. This potential must be activated to turn the mill premises into a creative lab for new regional working patterns and working environments.

Our dynamic development concept integrates the existing spatial resources into a solid framework of open space elements and variable space divisions. A step by step reorganisation and refurbishment of the site based on these principles will enable its gradual adaption to future needs. The concept allows for a wide variety of uses, ranging from small service providers to land-intensive industries.


Development plan

Biberist, CH
commissioned by Hiag Immobilien
Project partners Holzer Kobler Architekten
Project TEAM Luc Knoedler, Jörn Gertenbach
timeline 2013