Debating the future of Checkpoint Charlie

What does Checkpoint Charlie need in order to be fit for the future? This was the question explored in the public participatory process Zukunft Checkpoint Charlie, carried out by Urban Catalyst between February 2018 and August 2019 on behalf of the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing within the framework of the Bebauungsplanverfahren (Zoning-Plan Procedure) 1-98.

The aim of the participation process was to encourage a discussion about the future of the site, to measure public interest in Checkpoint Charlie, as well as to reach out to a wide spectrum of the local city population.

The process design consisted of mutual professional and public involvement. Urban Catalyst was responsible for the conceptualisation, organisation, chairing and implementation of the various participation formats. Low-threshold dialogue promotions and graphic illustrations assist in making the overall process and the complex (expert) interlinkages presentable in a way that is easy to understand.


Where Berlin
Commissioned bySenate Department for Urban Development and Housing
Project partner studio S/M/L
ProjecT TEAM Anna Bernegg, Dr. Cordelia Polinna, Sarah Oßwald, Katerina Mareckova, Luca Mulé
Timeline since 2017



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