Ausserholligen awakes from its deep slumber

Ausserholligen’s appearance is chaotic and fragmented. A discount shop next to the blood donation centre, an open-air swimming pool behind a recycling facility — all of it overshadowed by a motorway and carved up by railway lines. Since the 1990s the 51-hectre-large site on the western side of Berne lay in a deep slumber, devoid of any comprehensive vision. Considering Berne’s current growth, new developmental potentials have emerged, posing the challenge of re-defining the identity of the trade and small-industry location. The aim of the project was — together with local actors and owners — to create an attractive neighbourhood that could function as a mixed business, infrastructure, education and residential site.

Together with Synergo, Urban Catalyst supported the Urban Planning Office of Berne and the local actors within a participatory process to conceive an overall strategy with the capacity to guide future developments and to integrate the already undertaken planning and the existing built fabric. Phase 1 of our remit concentrated on the character study and the identification of future areas of action, as well as the visualisation of important analysis results and the first planning steps. This formed the basis for phase 2, in which collective participatory planning can be developed.


WHERE Berne, Ausserholligen 
COMMISSIONED BY Stadtplanungsamt Bern 
ProjeCt partner Walter Schenkel/Synergo, Zürich 
ProjeCt TEAM Dr. Cordelia Polinna, Philip Schlaeger, Christine Bock
TIMELINE Phase 1: 2015 – 16, Phase 2: 2016 - 18

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