Garden City upgrade

The Friedrichshofen-Hollerstauden district is one of Ingolstadt’s fastest growing districts and framework development plans (Rahmenplanung) for the extension of “Friedrichshofen-West” already exist. In an urban planning report Urban Catalyst examines how the ideas of the garden city movement can be applied to today's situation in Ingolstadt. Thereby, the interrelation between agriculture and urban areas, forms of community, energy supply, and cooperative land ownership or promotion of regional food production is equally important in terms of urban development as sustainable mobility concepts and construction for mixed use purposes.


urban development report
Where Ingolstadt
Commissioned by Ingolstadt Municipal Authorities
Project partner -
Project TEAM Anna Bernegg, Malte Wittenberg, Philip Schläger
Timeline 10/2011 - 02/2012

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