Heldenwelt (Post-mining landscape heroes) Gladbeck Alps

Slagheaps are a hallmark of the Ruhr District. They are striking orientation markers in a landscape of otherwise pronounced urbanisation, and are permanently anchored in local public consciousness. In the meantime there has been a paradigm shift in the approaches to how they should be used. For many years the top priority was to crown the ridges of these man-made mounds with artistic objects or tourist attractions, whereas today it is becoming clear that such intensive programmes are impracticable and expensive. Instead of continuing to inflate the “peaks” of the Gladbeck Alps with artificial artefacts, we instead propose a horizontal strategy.

“Horizontal” in this sense stands for attributes such as “flat”, “low-threshold”, “interlinked”, “interwoven”, “broad-reaching”, “at eye-level”. Our concept intends to embed the ensemble of the Gladbeck slag mounds more pronouncedly in their urban-spatial, landscape and civic-society context. The people who want to use the Gladbeck Alps and those who want to make the world of mounds “their thing” play a special part in this process. For this reason, our suggestion is that a guiding body — the Alps Council — be formed that would involve itself with the further development of the Gladbeck Alps. The Alps Council’s responsibility is to support important strategic decisions concerning the development of the mounds.



COMMISSIONED BY Stadt Gladbeck, Ingenieuramt, Freiraumplanung/Stadtgrün
ProjeCt partner atelier le balto, Berlin // Hager Partner AG, Zürich, Berlin // ift - Freizeit- und Tourismus-beratung GmbH, Köln
ProjeCt TEAM Klaus Overmeyer, Janin Walter, Björn Lotter, Jan Dubsky