Grasbrook workshops – Ideas for a new urban district

The development of the new urban district Grasbrook places high demands on the communication and participation processes involved, both at a local neighbourhood and an overall city level. From the very beginning it was important to pay particular attention to embedding the emerging district within the surrounding neighbourhoods, especially Veddel, but also Rothenburgsort, Wilhelmsburg and the HafenCity. In addition, Grasbrook brings with it the enormous potential of becoming an innovative district with a citywide impact – as a type of city “progress laboratory”.

In preparation for the urban-development competition, which was launched in 2019, four “Grasbrook Workshops” were held between autumn 2018 and February 2019, involving professional experts, local architects and interested members of the Hamburg public. Various topic areas were discussed in depth, such as occupancy mixes, sustainability, urban development, mobility and infrastructure. The procedure was simultaneously flanked by an online participation process.


Participation Workshops

COMMISSIONED BY HafenCity Hamburg GmbH
Project TEAM Theresa Kalmer, Lukas Halemba, Lukas Pappert, Prof. Klaus Overmeyer
timeline 2018 - 2019


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