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Green economy and urban development

Berlin occupies a leading position among German towns and cities in the green economy, which includes environmental tech­nology sectors, services and products for avoiding and eliminating environmental contamination as well as ecological and resource-saving sectors such as bio-markets, green tourism and green fashion, This study investigates the spatial footprint of the green economy. How do green economy companies choose their location? What can urban planning policies do to strengthen this sector and promote synergies? The study concludes that Berlin's green companies are distributed rather randomly across the city. To improve Berlin's profile as a green city, extensive cooperation between the green economy sector and urban planning is vital. Flagship projects such as the disused Tempelhof Airport or specific local projects in various parts of the city could serve as platforms to increase public awareness and visibility.


map & site profiles of green economY in Berlin

COMMISSIONED BYSenate Department for Urban Development Berlin
PROJECT PARTNERInstitute for Spatial Research and Real Estate (Institut für Raumforschung und Immobilienwirtschaft), Dortmund
PROJECT TEAMPhilip Schläger
TIMELINE08/2011 - 11/2011