Over the past 40 years, the Hohenhorst green corridor has acquired the defining characteristics of an urban landscape park. The problem concerning the park is not the basic design but lack of proper maintenance and the outdated nature of its facilities.
The design strategy for the transformation of the park takes a varied, process-oriented approach to the problem. The “renew-expand-activate” concept pinpoints selected areas of strategic action, which can be implemented on a step-by-step basis. A framework of clearly defined measures is complemented and brought to life by an activation concept. The key element of the concept is an approx. Two Meters wide asphalt track for walkers, skaters and joggers. This track also links up the various new park facilities and enables additional park entrances to be built. New projects are set up at selected places in the park. Public space is made available for private initiatives, associations or enterprises on condition that their offer will broaden the spectrum of activities open to the general public in the park, and that they take responsibility for care and maintenance of sections of the park.




Commissioned by Wandsbek District Council, Hamburg
Project TEAM Rupert Schelle, Eike Alhausen
Timeline 2008

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