The retail trade is changing – what are the implications for the City of Zurich?

The upheavals in the retail trade have far-reaching consequence for cities in the sense that it is a major factor in shaping city centres and their structures and has a manifold impact on a range of areas such as mobility or tourism. For different types of city and neighbourhood centres, (everyday) consumption constitutes a leading function – cities without it are hard to imagine. Therefore it is crucial to discuss what the significance of current trends is for the urban realm, local supplies, for Zurich’s inner and outer districts, for urban development, transport, and for public space as a whole. How can the centres and districts position themselves in the future? Will the city centre be used predominantly for recreational shopping and as a tourist destination in the future? What are the consequences that are already apparent for public authorities, retailers, property owners and the population at large and that have to be actively tackled?

Together with the Zurich office synergo, Urban Catalyst drew up five scenarios for possible developments in the retail trade in the City of Zurich. In order to do so, local and international trends were analysed, discussions were held with experts, and a scenarios workshop was held together with key actors. The scenarios and their ramifications were aligned to match the various spatial and district types in the city of Zurich.


Development of Scenarios

Commissioned by Stadt Zürich, Stadtentwicklung
Project PartnerSynergo Mobilität - Politik - Raum
Project Team Anna Bernegg, Dr. Cordelia Polinna, Lena Lauermann
Timeline 2017


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