A model project for Munich’s operational spaces

Perspektive München is a strategic development plan. On the one hand it defines the qualities and guidelines for citywide development; and on the other it earmarks concrete operational spaces that are seen as in need of special actions and in which resources are to be pooled in the coming years.

Within the framework of the pilot project, the aim is to formulate an integrated spatial action plan (in German: iHRK) for Action Area 3 (“the Ostbahnhof-Giesing-Ramersdorf and its surroundings”) that clearly identifies the targets for the area and provides firm implementation strategies. The aim of the iHRK is to cast the variety of plans, projects and operational measures within a single action-orientated framework, thus assisting in promoting a common understanding for the planning amongst the numerous civic-society, municipal-administrative and policy/political actors.

In line with integrated planning approaches, the iHRK is conceived to bridge the divide between the citywide strategic thrust of the overall plan and its translation in local spatial contexts.

Moreover, in the process the intention is to derive pilot methods for the general approach towards the operational areas.


WHERE München
COMMISSIONED BY Landeshauptstadt München
ProjeCt partner yellow z
ProjeCt TEAM Prof. Klaus Overmeyer, Lukas Pappert, Dr. Cordelia Polinna, Jan Dubsky
TIMELINE 12/2015 - 12/2017


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