With the city as a whole in mind

Angermünde has been exposed to various different dynamics in recent years. The Integrated Urban Development Concept (INSEK) lays out a future vision for the development of Angermünde from which concrete measures are derived. While the focus of the first INSEK (2007) concentrated on the urban core, the spatial perspective has now been widened to cover the entire area of the city. This is made up, besides the urban core, of 23 town districts, each exhibiting their own particular developmental dynamics and potentials.

In a participatory process the key questions concerning the identity of Angermünde as a whole, mobility and networks, future work and living forms, as well as the role of the cultural landscape were discussed. The formats involved ranged from expert and administration workshops to interview tours and round-table discussions with locals in which the strategies for the future development of the city as a whole were cooperatively mapped out.


Integrated Urban Development

COMMISSIONED BY City of Angermünde, Department of Planning and Construction
Project TEAM Anna Bernegg, Tilmann Teske, Lukas Pappert, Paula Pons
timeline 2018 - 2019


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