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Located on the left bank of the Rhine in south Cologne, the programme developed under the working title “Parkstadt Süd” foresees the development of a viable and sustainable urban district. Spread over 115 hectares, the transformation site offers a unique opportunity to complete Cologne’s inner green belt by realising new park landscape that reaches the banks of the Rhine. Besides the reorganisation of the urban-development open-space plan, the goal of the cooperative process was to gather ideas and images from various different civic-society actors as to how life in the future could look, and how the “park-city of tomorrow” could be made workable and effective.

Together with the Cologne planning office neubighubacher, we moderated the “cooperative process” and developed a series of event and workshop formats. The development stages from five planning teams (design concept) were combined and enriched in a feedback process with the interests and ideas from participants from the civil-society, business, specialist-public and political and administrative communities. Additional platforms, such as the ideas market, allowed various city-society actors to present their own project and occupancy ideas. New opportunities for participatory contributions to the overall planning procedure were launched.

The process resulted in the adoption of an approach (agreement on objectives) that matched the city-park development with the site; conflicts and positions were translated into a spatial vocabulary, and the results were reworked in terms of integrated spatial planning.


cooperative planning & participation PROCESS

commissioned byStadt Köln, Stadtplanungsamt 61
Project partnersneubighubacher, Köln
Project TEAM Klaus Overmeyer, Lukas Halemba, Jörn Gertenbach, Vassilissa Airaudo
timeline 01/2015 - 12/2015


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