Created as the conceptual framework for the International Building Exhibition Urban Regeneration 2010, the study, “Less is More” developed trend-setting experimental strategies for the program, Urban Regeneration in Eastern Germany (Stadtumbau Ost) which far exceeded the purely economic perspectives on housing that had hitherto been formulated. Six operational methods – for extensivation, redeployment, freezing, demolition, coherence and stimulation – demonstrate how urban development may be steered by other means than simply investing in endless construction. The Prairie Town vision, a hybrid comprising extensive open landscapes and compact settlements, epitomizes a new type of town. For the state of Saxony-Anhalt, five model areas, each with its own specific settlement structure, are proposed as laboratories in which the aforementioned tools might be investigated in radically experimental ways.


Study of the Prospects of Shrinking Cities in Eastern Germany
Where Saxony-Anhalt
Commissioned by The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and the Department of Construction, Saxony-Anhalt
Project partner Philipp Oswalt mit Holger Schmidt/ Computer-animation: Michael Filser, Jonas Luther/ Trick film animation: Karotoons Berlin
Project TEAMProf. Klaus Overmeyer
Timeline 2001