Maps as analytical tools

With the update of the Model Spatial Order (MRO), Mannheim joins a growing number of cities that are currently grappling with their overall spatial and strategic orientation. We were commissioned by the City of Mannheim to support them in the preparatory analysis phase.

Within the framework of city-wide spatial analyses, Gis-based basic maps and infographics were designed and visualised for five sectors. At the same time, the focus was directed towards the future: Where do particular potentials for spatial development lie? Where are challenges and risks emerging? With a view to these and other questions, summary maps were created that clearly identify and locate sector-specific strengths, deficits, potentials and risks. Finally, relations between the sectors were worked out in three integrated maps.

The visualisations are incorporated into a brochure that serves as a political decision-making basis on the one hand and as a technical working basis for the development of the MRO on the other.


COMMISSIONED BYStadt Mannheim, Dezernat IV – Fachbereich Geoinformation und Stadtplanung
ProjeCt TEAMLukas Pappert, Tilmann Teske, Prof. Klaus Overmeyer
TIMELINE04/2019 - 11/2020



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