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How do young people in Ingolstadt see and use their city? What spaces do they move through? Where do they meet up? Do young people need more than youth centres and sports clubs? Are such needs related to urban development? MyPLace INGOLSTADT is a project designed to find some answers to these questions. Over a period of ten days, a group of 20 to 30 young people from Ingolstadt set up camp in a former bookstore to explore and analyse their perceptions of their urban environment, media usage, favourite places and patterns of movement. The campus became a platform for the perspective young people have on their city and their visions of its potential. The results were filmed on mobile phones, documented in a newspaper supplement and in the form of a wooden topography.


youth campus

Commissioned by Donaukurier, Ingolstadt
Project partner, Berlin // Prof. H. Weid, Wuppertal // Mellowpark, Berlin
Project TEAM Philip Schl├Ąger
Timeline 2009

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