Marking open spaces

In 2005/2006 alone, almost 40 daycare centers and schools in Marzahn-Hellersdorf will be demolished due to the depleted numbers of children in the area. Neuland is an integrative communications concept that, by marking the newly (or presently) vacant lots, seeks to address potential user groups, inform them about the vacant lots and use a uniform design to place the various spaces in a common context. Marking strategies developed to individually highlight the character and accessibility of each respective space nonetheless draw on a common stock of graphic and material “tools” in kit form.
The basic kit comprises oversized arrows, flags, mown areas and signs to be used as physical markers, and typography, hatching and icons as graphic elements. The Marking Open Spaces project will be advertised by means of postcards, leaflets and an Internet site.



Berlin, Marzahn
COMMISSIONED BYMarzahn-Hellersdorf District Council
PROJECT PARTNERSUnverzagt. Visuelle Kommunikation, Leipzig
PROJECT TEAMMelanie Humann, Matthäus Wirth