Inventing the future locally

Over the previous years, far-reaching social changes have had an unmistakable impact on municipalities, cites and regions in Germany. Confronted with shrinkage and migration processes, it is in particular rural areas that have to face difficult public service challenges. This in turn has a considerable impact on the way people live locally.

Self-initiatives and civic involvement have become important factors for a viable future and the qualities of life in municipalities and regions. Where changes occur, new free spaces emerge that can be given content by people with creativity and a will to action. What is required are citizens who see the chances for transformation, develop ideas, explore unconventional avenues, and who perhaps also want to be a role model for others. These are the people the Robert Bosch Stiftung want to support and accompany on their journey into “new territories”.

On behalf of the Thünen Institut of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, Urban Catalyst plays a guiding role in the realisation of the programme. The main focus of our work lies in the conceptualisation of events promoting internal and external interactions and exchanges, acting as a mentor in the close support of a number of the projects and the visualisation of key results.


A Robert Bosch Stiftung Programme

East Germany
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