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Citizens’ Park or Citizens’ Village?

Over the past twenty years Marzahn-Hellersdorf has been subject to radical structural change. Recently an increase in the number of school pupils has been noticed that opens up new development perspectives. Through a cooperative review process Urban Catalyst designed two spatial scenarios that link the construction of a new after school club with a new beginning for the central district development: while the school complex in the first scenario is laid out as part of Marzahn Citizens’ Park, the second, more detailed scenario integrates the school into a new citizens’ village. The historical village structure of Marzahn is reinterpreted within the housing estate and proposed as an experimental site for the IBA Berlin 2020.


urban survey report

Where Berlin-Marzahn
Commissioned by Berlin district Marzahn/Hellersdorf
Project partner-
Project TEAMPhilip Schläger, Melanie Humann, Janin Walter, Rupert Schelle, Eva Bönsch, Malte Wittenberg
Timeline2010 - 2011