Urban-development structure plan for RAW site

The works site of the former Reichsbahn-Ausbesserungs-Werks (RAW) is around 7 hectares in size, making it the last remaining large-scale redevelopment sites within the perimeter of the Berlin suburban railway system (the S-Bahn). Since the 1990s the RAW has been known above all as a free space for creative uses and the club and youth culture that put down roots there. With the sale of the property (in 2015) to a private project developer, questions concerning compatible development and retrospective densification became current again. In order, in keeping with this idea, to factor in the existing uses and buildings, the authorities of the Fried­richshain-Kreuzberg district initiated the RAW Dialogue Process and commissioned Urban Catalyst to implement it.

The goal, by means of various different event formats, was to find an urban-planning consensus between the individual interest groups – users, neighbourhood representatives, politicians and policy makers, owners, residents, and the general public. In the process, the events were aimed at both citywide public opinion (“dialogue workshops”) and concentrated stakeholder participation (“expert urban-planning discussions”).

The consensus, that was reached over the course of a year or so, was translated into specifics by Urban Catalyst in the form of a set of urban-development plans and rules. The advantage of such a set of rules and plans vis-à-vis a master plan lie in its flexibility and adaptability within the dynamic process of consensus-finding. In this way the subsequent development stages can be easily tied in with the collectively worked out results and thus be used to update them.


co-productive urban planning

COMMISSIONED BY Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin
Project TEAM Janin Walter, Prof. Melanie Humann, Amadeus Theimer, Tobias Kusian, Katerina Mareckova, Prof. Klaus Overmeyer
timeline 12/2017 - 12/2018


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