Experience the Schützenmatte!

The Schützenmatte is a controversially discussed place in the capital city of Bern.
The question of its future use leads to a collision between a wide variety of positions. As part of the participatory planning process, the parking lot is cleared away for four days and declared as a field of experimentation. All Bernese are invited to experience the emptiness, absorb new perspectives and formulate ideas.

Urban Catalyst designs a spatial basic infrastructure (pavilion, mobile street furniture, Illuminating balloon and neon sign) and develops in collaboration with Lars Studer (Schauplatzinternational) and actors from the Bernese arts and culture scene a three-day program. Lots of blue stripes, a 70m long dining table, a children's laboratory, thematic tours, a DIY furniture workshop, movie screenings and performances transform the Schützenmatte into a place full of future possibilities.


wheRe Berne
COMMISSIONED BY Stadtplanungsamt Berne
Project partners Schauplatzinternational // Reitschule Bern // Social Space Agency // Große Halle // PROGR u.v.a.
Project TEAM Philip Schläger, Malte Wittenberg, Martin Schlegel, Belen Zevallos
timeline 09/2014

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