From commercial port to science port

Today, Magdeburg's harbor is a vibrant commercial enterprise: haulers’ warehouses, an asphalt mixing plant and a crane hire company stand in chaotic array. The construction here of a new seat of the Frauenhofer Institute (center of research in engineering sciences) heralds the imminent metamorphosis of the trade harbor into a knowledge harbor. The central, presently disused harbor basin plays a major role in this development process. Urban Catalyst developed a multidimensional transformational strategy for the harbor basin, based on spatial, programmatic and communicative interventions. Draining the harbor basin - which is one kilometer long – and creating in its stead, an extensive park will add impetus to future developments in the harbor area.


Development Concept for the PORT Basin
Where Magdeburg
Commissioned by IBA-Stadtumbau, Dessau
ProjeCt partner -
ProjeCt TEAM Siri Frech, Maja Neumann
TIMELINE 10/2005 - 02/2006

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