In the wake of the revised state development planning for Berlin-Brandenburg, the town of Baruth lost its status as a special development area in 2007. Although this could increase the risk of further depopulation of the area, current developments are actually pointing in the opposite direction. The area around Baruth is attracting an increasing number of people and different groups who are choosing to anchor their life and work in this sparsely populated region and are consequently experimenting with new forms of use. The survey conducted by Urban Catalyst examined the reasons which prompted the space pioneers in Baruth to change their lives in this way, their networks and the opportunities this presents for alternative development strategies in rural areas.


Rural space pioneers in Baruth and the surrounding area, research study
Where Baruth
Commissioned by IKU, in the context of the “Baruth Conversation II”
Project TEAM Christiane Kania
Timeline 2008