Making a city together!

Berlin is changing dynamically and its intention is to be a harmonious, sustainable and cosmopolitan city. In terms of urban development, this represents both a chance and a challenge in that a key factor is to steer growth and change and to reinforce a culture of participation.

In the same way that Berlin is undergoing energetic transformation, so the City Forum continues to evolve. For 20 years now the City Forum has been the central and citywide-established dialogue platform of the Senate Department for Urban Development. Since 2017 Urban Catalyst GmbH has been commissioned by the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing with conceptually refining the City Forum and with implementing it at regular intervals.

In order to be able to discuss the future development of Berlin more intensively together, new discussion and workshop offers, as well as accompanying exhibitions, will be a more integral part of the dialogue in future. The aim is to allow a forming of public opinion on current and citywide relevant topics in urban planning through urban policy and expert interactions and debates, thus promoting public discourse.



COMMISSIONED BYSenate Department for Urban Development and Housing
PROJECT PARTNERSBüro frauns // Tom Unverzagt Visuelle Kommunikation
PROJECT TEAMAndreas Brüning, Dr. Cordelia Polinna, Christine Bock, Luca Mulé, Jan Dubsky
TIMELINE since 2017


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