How do we want to live in Ingolstadt?

In contrast to many other German cities, Ingolstadt is located in a region of dynamic growth that attracts people and makes the city an appealing place to live. A key focus of local urban development is therefore designating new building land for the housing market. The strong demand and the population’s intense desire to live in a single family house with a garden has led to rapid urban growth dominated by suburban housing structures. For STEP – Living 2025 (Urban Development Concept focussed on Housing in 2025), Urban Catalyst developed new strategies and contents with which the forecast construction of 10,000 new apartments can be managed. In three spatial development scenarios Ingolstadt’s potential is linked to current urban development themes and brought together as a qualitative development strategy in STEP 2025.


Urban development plan on housing 2025
Where Ingolstadt
Commissioned by Planning agency, City of Ingolstadt
Project partnerGGR, Hamburg //
Prof. Dr. Spars, Univ. Wuppertal
Project team Anna Bernegg, Janin Walter, Malte Wittenberg
Timeline 07/2010 - 02/2012

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