Transforming the Wilhelmsburg global neighbourhood is a complex process involving both the structural modernisation of the area and rethinking and regalvanising the range of activities on offer.
Our restructuring concept takes an integrative approach: Urban design and redevelopment measures are coupled with strategies to re-activate the local economy and cultural activities.
The construction and redevelopment of the housing blocks is effected in consultation with local residents, and results in the creation of “extra rooms” for local activities such as an indoor playground and communal work spaces. During the redevelopment process, the Weltquartier also requires an identity-forging home base. Drawing on an idea pioneered at the 1851 world exhibition in London, the concept proposes the creation of the neighbourhood’s own Crystal Palace. The modular greenhouse architecture serves as a temporary platform where local business initiatives and neighbourhood activities are pooled. A voucher system gives residents the right to use the space and materials available in the Crystal Palace, with a possibility for the chosen form of use to be continued.



COMMISSIONED BY IBA (International Building Exhibition) Hamburg
PROJECT PARTNERSKUNSTrePUBLIK e.V., Berlin// Kunst + Herbert Architekten, Hamburg
PROJECT TEAMMelanie Humann, Janin Walter

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