Our “Winti” or the pretty sister: where do want to go?

Over the previous years the city of Winterthur has concentrated on developing specific areas in pressing need of immediate action. What was missing, however, was a citywide development strategy that considered spatially effective topics in an integrated manner. Using a cooperative competition procedure, our team designed the guiding principles for Winterthur 2040.

In a series of four workshops, future challenges were formulated and development scopes revealed. The neighbourhoods, the peripheries and the inner-city system of connections – all three of them particularly important reference levels for Winterthur – were explored more deeply in three scenarios and then tested in terms of their spatial scope. Enhanced by concrete theses and current trends, a multi-layered set of guiding principles was set out. As Zurich’s self-confident and pretty sister, Winterthur is well positioned to continue to build upon its inherent qualities and its individual personality. Complementing the historical inner city, the neighbourhoods, with their own unique characters, should be reinforced, the city’s urban profile should be expanded further, and the surrounding rural landscape should be actively preserved, developed and designed. One of the aims is to use the scarce traffic space more efficiently and to guarantee broad provisions for various different forms of transport.

Above all, the mission statement Winterthur 2040 specifies the general development trajectories, albeit without setting the target vision in concrete details, meaning that the design scope remains open and can be further thought out in a process of public discourse.



Commissioned by Stadt Winterthur, Stadtentwicklung Winterthur/Amt für Städtebau Winterthur
Project partnerS berchtoldkrass space&options, Karlsruhe // mrs partner ag, Zürich // sotomo, Zürich
Project TEAM Prof. Klaus Overmeyer, Dr. Cordelia Polinna, Jörn Gertenbach, Mateusz Rej, Jan van den Berge
timeline 2017 - 2020


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