The Power of temporary use

In many cities, urban wastelands and vacant structures turn suddenly into especially lively places. After city planners and the real estate market have failed in their initial attempts to develop them, these sites become the settings for clubs and bars, start-up firms and art galleries, migrant economies and informal markets, recreational activities and nightlife. Indeed, it is often precisely here that one finds innovative cultural production and a vibrant public sphere.

The Urban Catalyst research team explored these unplanned phenomena in five European countries over the course of several years, and it did more than merely analyze their hidden logic. Building on its own participation in a number of different projects, Urban Catalyst examines various ways that city planning can incorporate informal processes and describes what city planners can learn from temporary users.

With texts by Azra Aksamija, Kees Christiaanse, Margaret Crawford, Jesko Fezer, Florian Rötzer, Saskia Sassen, and others. With projects from Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin, Halle, Leipzig, London, Rome, Vienna, Zagreb, and other cities.


PubliCation Urban Catalyst, Dom Publishers 2013
EDITOR Philipp Oswalt, Klaus Overmeyer, Philipp Misselwitz
Conception, coordination and editing Philipp Oswalt und Klaus Overmeyer unter redaktioneller Mitarbeit
DESIGN Unverzagt Visuelle Kommunikation, Leipzig