— We solve complex urban development tasks in interdisciplinary teams. —

Since summer 2017, we have been a collegially managed company with nine partners. 
Prof. Klaus Overmeyer and Dr. Cordelia Polinna are the executive partners.

Jule Bergmann

Jule Bergmann

Jule Bergmann is an accountant. She is responsible for the full range of administrative, financing and tax questions that arise.

Claudia Burbaum

Claudia Burbaum,
M.A. History of Art


is an art historian and number cruncher. As managing assistant she is responsible for controlling, administration and accounting.

Jörn Gertenbach

Jörn Gertenbach,
Cand. M.Sc. Urban Design

studied architecture in Wuppertal and currently urban design in Berlin. He visualises hidden spatial interplays and thinks out strategic development concepts, ranging from neighbourhoods to whole metropolitan regions.

Theresa Kalmer

Theresa Kalmer,
Cand. M.Sc. Urban Planning & Mobility

initially studied philosophy in Halle and then urban planning in Berlin, and is currently part of the Masters programme in Urban Planning and Mobility in Berlin and Buenos Aires. Theresa designs processes at the crossovers between urban and transportation planning.

Fritz Lammert

Fritz Lammert, 
M.Sc. Urban Design

studied Urban Planning in Hamburg and Urban Design in Berlin. His work focuses on urban research and integrative development concepts.

Bärbel Offergeld

Bärbel Offergeld, 
M.Sc. Architecture

studied architecture at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal. She is a specialist for architecture, urban development and visual communication.

Lukas Pappert

Lukas Pappert,
M.Sc. Urban Design

studied urban and regional planning in Kassel and urban design in Berlin. He develops intelligent solutions for the interlinking of strategic planning and participation in integrated urban development.

Philip Schläger

Philip Schläger, 
M.Sc. Urban Design

studied architecture and urban design in Berlin. He is responsible for strategic spatial development, the coordination of action formats and for visual communication.

Anna Bernegg

Anna Bernegg, 
Dipl.-Ing. landscape planning

studied landscape architecture and urban design. She manages complex urban-development processes and provides realisable solutions.

Selin Dogruyol

Selin Dogruyol, 
Cand B.Sc. Architecture

Lukas Halemba

Lukas Halemba, 
Dipl.-Ing. Urban Planning

is an urban planner and magazine maker from hamburg. He writes, visualizes and designs development procedures for future transformation areas.

Nils Kaltenpoth

Nils Kaltenpoth,
Cand. M.A. Urban Futures

studied landscape architecture in Berlin and currently Urban Future in Potsdam. He develops guiding principles and strategic development concepts for cities and regions and deals with topics concerning the urban development of the future.

Prof. Dr.
Philipp Misselwitz

Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz

Expert in global urbanisation and the role of cities und urban participants in the transformational shift to sustainability. Since 2013 he has headed the specialist study area International Urbanism and Design – Habitat Unit at the TU Berlin.

Sarah Osswald

Sarah Oßwald, 
Dipl. Geographer

studied urban geography in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin. She is an expert for innovative participatory formats and for event organisation in all shapes and sizes.

Dr. Cordelia Polinna

Dr. Cordelia Polinna

is an expert in strategic questions of urban development, large-scale development concepts and cooperative participatory processes. She has extensive practical, research and teaching experience in national and international contexts. From 2011 to 2013 she was visiting professor for the Sociology of Planning and Architecture at the TU Berlin. She is a member of the Deutsche Akademie für Städebau und Landesplanung (DASL).

Tilmann Teske

Tilmann Teske, 
M.Sc. Urban Design

studied urban studies/urban planning in Weimar and Mexico, as well as urban design in Berlin. His work concentrates on the topics of cooperative urban development and urban research.

Christine Bock

Christine Bock, 
M.Sc. Urban Design

studied Spatial Strategies and Urban Design. She designs and visualises strategic processes for urban areas.


Berin Ergin

Berin Ergin, 
Cand. M.Sc. Spatial Planning

studied spatial planning in Dortmund in Bachelor and Master as well as urban design in Rome. She visualises complex contents of urban development and supports project events and formats.

Prof. Melanie Humann

Prof. Melanie Humann

is an architect and expert for urban development, the digital city and urban transformation processes. Since 2018 she has held the professorship for urbanism and design at the Institute of Urban Development at the TU Dresden.

Julia Klink. 
M.Sc. Urban Design

studied theatre and media studies and sociology in Erlangen, as well as urban design in Hamburg. She is responsible for publicity and media work, develops innovative communications and participatory formats, and focuses on issues of urbanism at the crossovers between performativity and sustainability.

Luca Mulé

Luca Mulé,
M.Sc. Architecture

studied architecture in Milano and Berlin. He is an expert in designing complex and beautiful maps, websites and print products.

Prof. Klaus Overmeyer

Prof. Klaus Overmeyer
executive partner

is an international pioneer in the field of user-led spatial and urban development. Trained as a gardener and a landscape architect, he founded Urban Catalyststudio in 2004. Since 2010 he has been Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Bergische Universität in Wuppertal.

Mateusz Rej

Mateusz Rej,
M.Sc. Urban Design

studied landscape architecture in Warsaw and urban design in Berlin. He follows human-centred design principles and searches for adaptive solutions for complex urban challenges.

Christoph Walther

Christoph Walther,
M.Sc. Urban Design

studied environmental sciences in Lüneburg and São Paulo, as well as urban design in Berlin. His main focus lies on the crossovers between urban development, sustainability and environmental issues.