— What happens when ships sail in brown coal landscapes, the North Sea produces wind energy, and clubs, instead of shipyards, move into harbours? —

What we do?

Change makes spaces alive. Urban Catalyst studio develops spaces in transformation.

Who do we benefit?

Our expertise helps all those seeking out new paths in changing spaces. We support cities, municipalities, project developers, and space pioneers.

Why are we different?

Those who seek visions for the future in spaces between yesterday and today need new instruments. Classic spatial planning often does not have the suitable instruments for zones in transition. Urban Catalyst studio therefore stands for an extended understanding of planning. We develop sites in open and dynamic planning processes that are not finished when we leave.

What do we offer?

  • We develop visions for cities and regions.
  • We prepare studies and conduct research projects about urban and spatial development.
  • We design and moderate development concepts for specific sites.
  • We develop urban structure plans.
  • We implement design concepts for open spaces.

Who are we?

We are an interdisciplinary team equipped with the necessary skills and competencies to combine research and practice. Our approach developed from the international research project Urban Catalyst (2001–03, TU Berlin).
In 2003, cofounder Klaus Overmeyer launched Studio Urban Catalyst, which in 2012 became the Urban Catalyst studio office partnership. We have since been expanding our research profile and instruments in line with the increasing complexity of social problems.

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